RRP and Lead-Safe Trained Paint Company in Wakefield, MA for Exteriors and More

A professional exterior paint job not only transforms and rejuvenates the outside of a home, but it also renews its protection from the elements. Mystic Painting specializes in exterior facelifts with paint that stands up to New England weather year after year. We’re trained, local, and we know paint—inside and out. Let us work our exterior paint magic on your home.

Exterior Paint Vs. Interior Paint

All paints are not equal—even when the colors are the same. Exterior paint uses binders and pigments that resist fading for a stronger seal to weather the elements. The intense sun, snow, and surf common in New England wreak havoc on siding, trim, and decks—and especially on substandard paint that’s not professionally applied or isn’t appropriate for outdoor use. Older paints may also contain lead, which poses a serious health hazard. Exterior paint formulas also offer less protection from solvents called VOCs (volatile organic compounds). They’re associated with health problems ranging from short-term dizziness and headaches to long-term liver and lung damage as well as certain cancers. Because VOCs evaporate at room temperature, exterior paint should never be applied indoors.

Understanding the Exterior Painting Process

Mystic Painting is Renovate, Repair, and Paint-trained (RRP), so you can rely on our services to get the job done right. First, we’ll plan how to achieve your vision, considering all the weather and structural variables that can affect exterior paint, and review every phase with you. Then, we'll begin prepping the space and the paints, using the highest quality paints and stains available. Our application techniques ensure straight lines and smooth finishes on all surfaces—view our gallery for some examples.

We’re also trained, lead-safe painters. We use HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) dust collection systems to keep dust and mess to a minimum and to protect everyone’s health wherever we paint. Your comfort is our priority while we work, as is your long-term satisfaction—that’s why all Mystic Painting projects come with our craftsmanship warranty.

Magically make everything outside your home look fresh with a new exterior paint job by Mystic Painting. Contact us to book your free in-home consultation.